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What Modern Relationships Look Like According To A Girl and A Guy


What Modern Relationships Look Like According To A Girl and A Guy


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ICYMI, UPSTREAM’s first original A Girl and A Guy is now available for streaming on in partnership with GMovies! This coming-of-age film directed by Erik Matti explores and exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly of modern relationships through the eyes of millennials and gen Zs.

The story follows Fiona (Alexa Miro), an ambitious and confident advertising production assistant who dreams of becoming a renowned filmmaker and Raf (Rob Gomez), a creative and laid back marketing associate who has the right amount of charm to wow just about every woman he meets.

As they work to find who they are and what they want to be, they get entangled with each other’s lives as well as with a handful of other people who, just like them, are young and have their own fair share of baggage. A Girl and A Guy made sure to depict modern relationships the closest it can to reality and represent the diversity of young adults through its colorful characters.

Growing up and out of love

From the onset, the film shows how adulting can muddle even the most stable of relationships. With the challenge of juggling adult responsibilities with everything else that is going on, sometimes relationships don’t survive. Holding on too long to a relationship that isn’t making you happy anymore for the sake of pinagsamahan or the years that you have been together can just often lead to messy situations. Who wants that, anyway?

Keeping it casual

The pressures and expectations that come with a committed and exclusive romantic relationship are some of the reasons why millennials and gen Zs have become more keen towards casual dating. After all, it’s a great and fun way to meet new people, enjoy their company, and find out more about yourself and your preferences with less of the stress.

Hook-up culture

Casual dating has also paved the way for hook-up culture where individuals engage in one-night stands or FUBU/FWB set-ups to satisfy their sexual needs without the need for any emotional intimacy or commitment. Nowadays, people are more comfortable having sex than actually talking to each other, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what comes after that is what the film is asking.

Finding relationships online

Casual and convenient are two words that can perfectly describe online dating. Undeniably, this concept is changing the landscape of relationships and romance among young adults especially now with the pandemic at hand. It starts with simply creating an account on a dating app you prefer, then you just swipe away among the hundreds of girls and guys on your feed, and wait for a match or matches if you’re lucky!

At the end of the day, modern romance, as complex as it may seem, is also about building genuine friendships and lasting relationships. A Girl and A Guy reminds us that no matter how different their ways can be, the younger generation is still seeking love, understanding, and fulfillment whether it’s from a romantic partner, their family and peers, their career, or even their own self.

A Girl and A Guy is now available for streaming on UPSTREAM. To buy your tickets, just go to GMovies. You can also check out for more information.