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Timeless Beauty: Filipina Celebrities That Look Young Even In Motherhood


Timeless Beauty: Filipina Celebrities That Look Young Even In Motherhood


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Aside from talent, hard work, and attitude, age also plays an important role in one’s showbiz career, as this comes with their beauty and appeal, which are often noticed by fans, and sometimes, an aspect that affects the height of their fame.

Even in their motherhood era, these Filipino celebrities still have their fresh aura, making them look like just their children!

1. Sunshine Cruz

Actress-singer Sunshine Cruz is one of the hottest endorsers of different products here in the country, where she stunned a lot of fans and netizens with her hourglass body.

Sunshine is as beautiful as ever, and with her young face, slender body, and glassy skin, you cannot absolutely say that she’s already 5 years short of turning 50!

Even when accompanied by her children, Angelina, Sam, and Angel, she actually looks more like their sister than a mother.

Sunshine also continues to show her ageless beauty via Instagram, where she frequently posts pictures of her OOTDs, beach styles, natural look, and youthful fashion.

2. Angel Aquino

Actress Angel Aquino is already 50 years old and a mother of two, but nowhere does it show on her face or body.

As she appears in a series of telenovelas, films, and other artist events of different timelines, you can’t even tell the difference in her age considering how good the actress is at maintaining her perfect figure, smooth complexion, and fresh-faced features.

According to the actress, proper diet, exercise, and rest are among her secrets to aging well. But she sticks more to water and moisturizer, which help her feel fresher and more beautiful each day.

3. Ina Raymundo

At 47, Ina continuously receives compliments about her timeless beauty and appeal.

Fans also pointed out that she can actually pass as the older sister of her children, as she looks young and gorgeous next to them.

As a promoter of natural looks, Ina also advises keeping cosmetic use to a minimum whenever possible, as doing this has helped her maintain her skin’s glow.

With that, she is also known for showing off her bare face on Instagram, where you’ll see pictures that strikingly capture her beauty marks, which she does not shy away from. She even uploads them with hashtags like #blemished, #raw, #unnatural, #bareface, and #freckled.

And of course, a lot of moms out there are curious about how she was able to maintain her slender physique even after having five kids.

The actress usually spends a lot of time working out and doing Zumba dance sessions to keep her body in shape!

4. Dawn Zulueta

Dawn Zulueta is definitely one of the artists with a vampire-like beauty, as she seems to not age at all!

Now 54 years old, Dawn remains elegant, beautiful, and young-looking.

There was a time when she proudly shared photos that showed her graying hair on Instagram with the hashtags #DawnsUbanLegend and #SilverHairDontCare, along with an emoji of a white-haired woman. Despite that, can you believe how it made her look more stunning as she totally rocked that silver hair?

At this point, nothing can ever beat her timeless beauty. Dawn also continues to upload Instagram pictures where you can see her slaying different hairdos, outfits, and fashion concepts, as everything looks so wonderful on her.

5. Lucy Torres-Gomez

Lucy is another stunning celebrity who has no hesitations about flaunting her bare face and most of her natural looks on Instagram.

Like a fairy, the 48-year-old actress-politician still has the sparkle and elegance of a teenager. She continues to stun everyone with her mesmerizing appeal, beauty, and class. You can also see her confidence every time she uploads a picture of herself, as there is no denying that she always looks fresh.

In case you are wondering, she maintains her great figure, posture, and youthful appearance through daily exercises and a balanced diet.

Lucy similarly suggests that people invest in good skincare products and try dermatologist-recommended skin treatments, as these play an essential part in keeping their skin in great condition.

Keep in mind that everyone is beautiful on their own, regardless of their age, looks, or other people’s opinions; what matters most is that you embrace your own skin and become comfortable with the reality of aging because this is just a number and not something that will dictate who you are.

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