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Taal, the Heritage Town of Batangas

Taal, the Heritage Town of Batangas

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The cold and rainy day last Sunday never stopped us to travel in our destination, Taal, Batangas. It was a two-hour drive from Buendia terminal as we boarded Jam Transit going to Lemery and dropped off to Flying V San Nicolas, Taal. Since it was not really a pre-planned tour we decided to visit first the Taal Basilica. It was really amazing to saw the beautiful Taal Basilica also known as the Minor Basilica of Saint Martin de Tours.

The tourist was very busy taking photos while its backdrop is the largest church in Asia. I noticed the vendors outside the church were very accommodating. They will offer you assistance for your picture taking to capture the full view of the Basilica.
The interior amazed me from the pillars, ceiling, and artistic designs. I’m no knowledge about the architectural style of this church but it was really good, needless to say, it is one of a kind.

That Sunday was really an unlucky day for me because after a few shots my phone turned off because I forgot to charge it the night before Sunday Likewise, heavy rains fall as we headed towards the Public Market. Sad,  that I don’t have pictures of the Public Market where you can buy Tapang Batangas and garlic longganisa. Also, you will notice some stalls sell different kinds of Barong Tagalog and gown as they were famous for their craftsmanship.
We have Lomi for breakfast. I don’t know if it’s the famous Batangas Lomi but its delicious taste served with toppings makes me full and feeling heavy. after eating. We have a friendly conversation with the staff inside that mini restaurant asking where and how to go to the Basilica of Our Lady of Caysasay. They instructed us we can walk or we can ride the tricycle.  We walked to familiarize ourselves with the place and be amazed as you will get to see some of the famous ancestral houses in Taal.
After 15 minutes walked,  we reached the San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps, about 125 steps. We met some children who sell candle and tell some story about the Patron Our Lady of Caysasay.

They even told us to visit the Well also known as  Sta. Lucia’s Well. From the Church, as you go upstairs after the 22 steps you will reach the way. you will notice a gold color pump while entering and in a few steps of a concrete block you will find the landmark which we thought it was the ruin of an old church, but they say it was just the place where the image of Caysasay found.