Sunday, July 14, 2024

Stream Your Favorite Shows And Movies This Christmas Best With Globe At Home’s Fast, UNLI Fiber Plans for the Whole Family!


Stream Your Favorite Shows And Movies This Christmas Best With Globe At Home’s Fast, UNLI Fiber Plans for the Whole Family!


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This year’s Christmas is definitely unique from what we are often used to and that’s okay as long as we are spending it with the ones we love and care about. With the help of the internet, we can still continue the family bonding at home through various activities like cooking the Noche Buena feast together, wrapping gifts, decorating the house, and watching classic holiday flicks over snacks and drinks.

For a seamless and worry-free viewing experience, Globe At Home Unli Plans is the perfect partner this Christmas (and beyond!). Choose from UNLI Plans available starting from Plan 1699 with speeds up toq2 20 mbps, Plan 1899 up to 30 Mbps, Plan 2499 up to 50 Mbps, and Plan 2899 up to 100 Mbps for FAST UNLI FIBER home internet connection.

These plans also come with amazing freebies that give you access to world-class entertainment! With the UNLI Plan 2899, the family can enjoy 3 months of subscription to leading entertainment platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and Viu Premium to binge-watch timeless Christmas films and personal favorites. Now that work and school are off for the holidays, movie and series marathons are definitely on!

With Amazon Prime Video, you’ll never run out of content to watch. From critically acclaimed and award-winning Amazon Originals to kids’ content, there’s surely something for everyone to enjoy just like the new series, The Pack, which is perfect for family viewing! Watch adorable dogs and pups with their humans as they embark on a challenging adventure across the globe. Who doesn’t like dogs, anyway?

HBO GO, on the other hand, lets you stream new releases the same time as the US, on live TV or on-demand. It also lets you access six live TV channels of HBO, HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO Signature, Cinemax, and Red by HBO. For this season, follow an endearing holiday tale of a troubled Christmas store elf in Last Christmas starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding.

Finally, get a dose of your favorite KDramas and other Asian content with Viu Premium! Watch True Beauty on-demand and satisfy your K-drama cravings with series, variety shows, movies and more!

The UNLI Plan 2899 also comes with a free 6 months subscription to Konsulta MD, giving your family the gift of health this Christmas. This lets you avail of 24/7 services from skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who can provide safe medical assessment and advice on basic healthcare and proper medication.

As a simple way of giving back to its subscribers, Globe At Home brings you a special 12 Treats of Christmas Promo where you can win amazing prizes and freebies! Just download the Globe At Home app on the App Store or Google Play Store to know more!

Know more about what Globe At Home UNLI Plan best fits your connectivity and lifestyle needs this season by visiting the Globe At Home Online Shop here. #Recreate the #HolidaysRightAtHome.