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Media Conference SINDAK 1941 – Ang Filipinas Sa Panahon ng Hapon.

Media Conference SINDAK 1941 – Ang Filipinas Sa Panahon ng Hapon.

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Sindak 1941– an original musical play written and directed by Atty. Vince Tañada of Philippine Stagers Foundation. Now on its 18th Season, Sindak 1941 was launched in a Press Conference attended by the Press/Media, Blogger/Vlogger last July 06, 2019 at Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle.

The full casts are present during the event and to end the press con they performed some songs from the musical. A very interesting play to watched and to see how these new batch of an actor will showcase their talent.

According to Atty. Vince, Sindak 1941 is definitely not an extension of another play Filipinas 1941 which already staged in 2014. Though it is also about the story of Philippine President Quezon and Laurel which is entirely different from Sindak 1941. Sindak is a fictional story about the life and sacrifices of an ordinary Filipinos during the Japanese Occupation.

Challenge with his intentions to further educate young Filipinos especially students he came up with this story about the dark era in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. Sindak 1941 is a very educational and highly academic musical to be told in music and dances.

The Cast of Sindak 1941 is headed by the multi-awarded actor Vince Tañada (Two time Aliw awardee for best actor) as Felipe Dimaculangan together with the pool of talented theater actors Joemar Bautista alternating (“Gorio” alternate Felipe); Patrick Libao (“Nestor” alternate Felipe) and Johnrey Rivas (alternate Nestor); Yesh Anne Burce, Katherine Medina and Vean Olmedo (Sofia); Cherry Bagtas and Rachelle Penaflor (Emilia); Franie Zamora, Joel Molina, Kuya Manzano and Chris Lim (Douglas MacArthur); Chin Ortega (Tata Edong); Dean Rafols (Pancho); Neil Tolentino (Gorio); Adel Ibarrientos (Mauricia) Oj Bacor (Salvacion); Gerald Magallanes (Masanobu); Gian Daquioag (Homma); Carl Adaron (Kunitake); Bea Martin (Cromwell) and a powerful house ensemble of Philippine Stagers Foundation.

Behind the production of Sindak 1941 are some notable theater people like Vince Tañada (Writer and Director), Pipo Cifra (Music), Carlon Josol Matobato (Choreography), Art Gabrentina (Lights and Sound Design), Jeffrey Ambrosio (Set Design), Emy Tañada (Costume), Vino Oriarte (Photography), Alwin Llanes and Carlo Parungao (Video Editing) JP Lopez (Associate Direction and Stage Management), OJ Bacor (Production Management).

SINDAK 1941 will run from July 11, 2019, up to March 2020, to be shown in various theatre venues all over Metro Manila and select venues in various region/provinces all over the Philippines.

For ticket inquiries and show buyers, you may get in touch with 0956-669-0335. Follow them also on Twitter, Instagram and FB Page for more information.