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Sakura Inc. launch its ‘Sakura Free Market’ Web and Android App

Sakura Inc. launch its ‘Sakura Free Market’ Web and Android App

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Decluttering and reducing excess stuff becomes part of the minimalism trend. You have some unnecessary stuff that you want to get rid of and it is also a great time to sell them and earn some money.


Who We Are?

The mission of Sakura Inc. is to create a free market online, creating new value that anyone can buy and sell.

By effectively using resources, in order to reduce waste as much as possible, we provide the app “Sakura” in the Philippines. SAKURA launch its web and android app this September which allows you to easily buy and sell products among individuals.

Create an account with Sakura by Downloading it on google play. Search “Sakura Free Market” or at this link

Once you get register you can start buying and selling to Sakura. It is a 100% free to utilize, no need to subscribe or buy to Sakura app.  The app is supported in all major browser Google Chrome, Firefox, etc..

How to pay with Sakura

Accepting 4 payment methods PayPal, credit-card, Sakura E-wallet and Cash on Delivery (COD). However, some areas are not covered by our Cash on Delivery service, for areas that are not covered, COD will be unavailable.

How SAKURA works?

For the Seller:
  1. Take Photos of your item for sale.
  2. Upload the photos in Sakura and add necessary information (i.e. price, description, condition, etc.)
  3. Wait for buyers to view and order your item.

For the Buyer:

  1. Search items on Sakura.
  2. Place an order and select a payment method (Credit Card, Sakura Wallet, Cash on Delivery)
  3. Wait for sellers to ship your item and to be delivered to you.

You can choose from these different Categories from Mobile, Consumer Electronics, Cars and Automotives, Bikes, Home and Furniture, Pets and Animals, Book, Sports and Hobbies, Clothing and Accessories, Health and Beauty, Tools and Equipment, Real Estate and Services.

With Sakura, you can shop without worries. We evaluate every seller to avoid scams or any fraudulent activities within our website. You can submit reviews and rate the sellers.

Visit its website at

Download it on google play. Search “Sakura Free Market”

Soon in ios app.

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Sakura Online Asia at Twitter:


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