Sunday, July 14, 2024

PAGEONE Launches PR Institute, A Learning Platform For PR Practitioners And Brands


PAGEONE Launches PR Institute, A Learning Platform For PR Practitioners And Brands


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PAGEONE Group recently introduced the Public Relations Institute (PRI), presenting monthly learning experiences that are open to its employees and other professionals, including bloggers, media, and PR practitioners.

Leveling up its monthly workshops, PAGEONE planned to run the PRI into short course sessions tackling interesting and engaging topics that would help the media and public relations industry excel in their field.

The goal of the leading public relations agency, PAGEONE, is to help the community build more eligible practitioners to ace their goals for the brand that they represent.

On April 28, PRI conducted its first-ever workshop titled “Loving the Brand,” which was attended by its employees and known Filipino bloggers in society.

As a refresher, the workshop tackled the basics of writing for brands and how to make it more engaging, especially in today’s modern era.

Leading the said workshop, Business Editor Tina Arceo-Dumlao from the Philippine Daily Inquirer shared the factors that writers should look out for whenever they write for a certain brand.

Just like when writing articles about news, Dumlao highlighted that even when writing for blogs or brands, content creators should still remember the basic values of news such as importance, prominence, human interest, and knowing the audience.

The veteran editor also reminded writers to always judge their articles from the perspective of a reader to know if their content is understandable and engaging for their target audience.

“You also need to remember to stand out through good language to build credibility with your audience,” Dumlao said.

The session also highlighted common misconceptions when it comes to writing for a brand, especially the use of photos and writing insightful leads.

Following the success of the first workshop under the Public Relations Institute, the President of PAGEONE Group, Vonj Tingson, disclosed plans to open more learning sessions in the future to benefit PR and media practitioners.

According to Tingson, the next sessions of workshops under the Public Relations Institute will be announced soon and will be open to not just practitioners but also brand companies to develop their knowledge and become more known in the industry.