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Mediamorphosis: the evolution of advertising technology called transitflix.

Mediamorphosis: the evolution of advertising technology called transitflix.

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Last Friday, September 6, 2019 transitflix has officially launched its platform. Formerly known as GYPSY, transitflix held their launch party at the F1 Hotel BGC.

Geoff Mabasa delivers the keynote for transitflix’s launch highlighting their vision, product features, and roadmap.

In celebration of this milestone, transitflix wanted to share their vision as said by the transitflix CEO Geoff Mabasa, “(our vision is) to make transit advertising easy and effective for stakeholders while bringing value to the members of the communities.” The transitflix’s Chief of Staff – Genevieve Reyes opened the event with a short back story sharing the origin of their company which was the “tocino story” where Geoff was offered tocino while riding a TNVS car on his way home. Genevieve also explained the reason behind their rebranding “we’re launching our service under a new name transitflix to live up to a more global recall but our values have not changed.” To further give the attendees a deeper understanding of how the ecosystem in the business on different two new perspectives, an advertiser panel was facilitated to see the challenges that all types of brands were facing and their expectations towards new marketing.

Thank you (Right to left) Entrepreneur and The Final Pitch producers, John Aguilar with his wife and business partner Monica Aguilar, gives a toast to transitflix and CEO Geoff Mabasa. Together on stage are The Final Pitch alumni.

Like what the Managing Director of Techtonic Summit, Lea Ladaga mentioned, “how do we build a community that actually involves them also? Because it’s not about the competition, it’s about continuously growing together… they have values that they want to push forward for innovation and collaborations is always at the heart of everyone.” On the other hand, they also facilitated a partner driver panel, where they invited their partner drivers to express the challenges that they face every day and how the platform helped them. “Bumibyahe kami ng matagal kasi may inaabot kaming kita kada araw dahil sa mga kailangan naming bayaran… kaya nagpapasalamat kami sa transitflix at dumating kayo sa buhay naming mga TNVS driver at napaka laking tulong samin sa pang araw-araw na pamumuhay.”

To give a better overview of the two sides of the ecosystem, they also premiered a thematic video that showcases the correlation of the partner drivers and the stakeholders on-boarded with transtiflix. In the next five-year transitflix plans to expand their global footprint starting with South East Asia, specifically in Indonesia. On the second year of operation, transitflix is also starting to tap on other modes of transit advertising such as car wraps, and bus wraps.