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It’s always a good idea to be prepared when hunger strikes at work!

It’s always a good idea to be prepared when hunger strikes at work!

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When working from home, you can quickly get snacks from the kitchen or from the nearest sari-sari store, or order them via food delivery apps — but not so much when you’re back in the office.

It is best to stuff your bag — or locker — with ready-to-eat snacks and ready-to-drink beverages so you always have something delicious on hand. No one wants to be that “hangry” (hungry and angry) one whose energy and productivity get affected because there is no food or drink to perk them up.

Here are some snacks and drinks you can cop from the supermarket so you will never go “hangry” at work:

Jack ‘n Jill Presto Creams

Feeling like you’re losing focus at work because you’re hungry? If you need something to eat right away, reach into your bag for some Presto Creams. This snack is not only filling, but it can also help you focus at work because it is high in B vitamins! This delicious cookie sandwich has a delicious peanut butter filling, so you’ll enjoy every bite.

Chicharron ni Mang Juan Espesyal Suka’t Sili

For your mid-afternoon slump, Chicharron ni Mang Juan Espesyal Suka’t Sili is the way to go! This crunchy tasty snack captures asim-anghang sarap in every bite and will surely push you to keep going!

It’s also good for sharing, too, so might as well get the party pack!

Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9

During particular busy hours, one snack that can help you pull through is Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9. This can be your go-to snack during those hangry moments or those times when you simply want to treat yourself for a job well done at the office. Your workdays are bound to get sweeter with this delicious treat!

Great Taste Choco

Calling all coffee lovers! You should include Great Taste Choco in your caffeine selection for the workday. It’s a decadent chocolate-flavored coffee that can help give you a boost of happy energy while you work. It’s cheap, simple to make, and completely satisfying with its delicious, rich chocolate coffee flavor.

C2 Milk Tea

No doubt milk tea is one of those drinks you’ll crave when you need a pick-me-up. Happy feels? C2 Milk Tea is all you need! Enjoy it in your favorite flavors: Wintermelon, Chocolate, and Caramel. Each one is brewed from natural green tea leaves and real milk so you know it’s legit!

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) has been delighting Filipinos with its wide range of delicious and high-quality snacks and drinks. Remember to stock up on your URC faves so you won’t get “hangry” during long days at work!

Get a stash of these delectable treats so you always have something tasty on hand.

URC products are available in grocery stores and supermarkets across the country, as well as online through URC’s stores on Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora.