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Get Ready To Experience Next-Gen Connectivity With Globe’s 5G Technology And Mobile Phones


Get Ready To Experience Next-Gen Connectivity With Globe’s 5G Technology And Mobile Phones


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The community quarantine has shown how Filipinos rely on connectivity. As they practice social distancing, they depend on the internet to stay updated on the latest news, for work or study needs, and to enjoy their leisure activities.

Very soon, Globe Postpaid and Platinum subscribers in select locations in Makati and BCG can experience faster and more reliable internet speeds with Globe’s 5G technology. This will then be progressively rolled out to more areas in the country and to Prepaid customers towards the end of the year. .

Customers only need a 5G-capable and enabled mobile phone. With the Huawei Nova 7 SE, the latest addition in its roster of 5G capable devices, customers can enjoy 5G experience free at ThePLAN 1499 . This plan Comes with a monthly allocation of 10GB open access data, unlimited calls to Globe/TM subscribers, unlimited text and 100 minutes call to all networks.

Huawei Nova 7 SE is the most affordable 5G device in the Philippine market. It comes with a new and improved balanced chipset that ensures next-level device performance, top-notch image processing and photo/video denoising. The device also features four versatile lenses for its rear camera, allowing users to capture sweeping landscapes and enchanting portraits. The mobile phone also highlights its new and improved AppAssistant, which allows customers to receive incoming calls and messages while they play games without missing a frame.

The feature-packed Huawei Nova 7 SE when paired with Globe’s 5G network enables subscribers to experience seamless streaming, real-time gaming and faster downloads.

“The availability of mid-priced 5G enabled devices lets more Filipinos experience the game-changing connectivity of 5G. As we continue to grow and expand our network, we also aim to bring a wider range of 5G-enabled devices in order to enable Filipinos to recreate a better tomorrow,” says Globe VP for Strategic Platforms and Partnerships Coco Domingo.

Aside from the Huawei Nova 7 SE, customers can also choose from other 5G devices that are bundled with a Globe postpaid plan such as the Huawei P40, Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G and Samsung S20 Ultra. Subscribers who have these 5G enabled phones will not be charged any additional fees when connecting to the 5G network. Current Globe LTE sims are already 5G-enabled and they can join the network right away.

5G is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity. It allows customers to stream the latest movies and TV shows in HD quality, play immersive online games with less lags, and stay connected with their loved ones through high-quality video chats.

Moreover, 5G is designed to power smart cities, intelligent homes, self-driving vehicles, and energy grids. Globe is committed to bringing a future that is highly-digitized, convenient and revolutionizes how Filipinos live.

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