Gee Gee at Waterina ang musikal

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An original Filipino musical, Gee Gee at Waterina ang musikal will be staged anew by Artist Playground premieres on August 18, 2018.
Gee Gee at Waterina is an original story by prolific playwright Jose Dennis Teodisio and under the direction of Mr. Andrew de Real with the music of Jesse Lucas.
It was 2006 when I first learned this as an entry for short film at Cinemalaya Film Festival, Lou Veloso as Waterina. When I saw the ads posted on Instagram I knew it was the story behind Walter Dempster Jr., a.k.a Walterina Markova with film adaptation under Gil Portes and starred the late actor Dolphy in the 2000 Metro Manila Film Festival.
When I read the synopsis on the Instagram post, I commented “napapanahon” pertaining to the story because somehow most if not all in the LGBTQ community can relate. I know some are afraid to be left alone and have the fear of getting older being gay.

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Gee Gee at Waterina is not just a story of friendship or of being gay but a story of someone who has the strength and confidence to survive in their twilight years. However, for everyone, or for every LGBTQ member it is okay to be alone or to be old as long they were living their life, confidently beautiful, happy and Gay!
Gee Gee at Waterina ang musikal stars award-winning actor Roeder Camañag as Waterina “a comfort gay” in the 1940’s Japanese occupation. Gee Gee portrayed by theater actor Norman Penaflorinda who in real life character was the late Pasay City Councilor Justo Justo a.k.a. JJ.
For those interested and curious to know what is the musical is all about watch them as the show runs August 18-19 and August 25-26 at Arts Above, Artist Playground II, 112 West Venue Building, 112 West Ave., QC (beside McDonald’s).
or you may buy your tickets at Ticket World.

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