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Cinemalaya 2018 – The Lookout

Cinemalaya 2018 – The Lookout

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I watched The Lookout last Tuesday night, one of the finalists in the 2018 cinemalaya14 full-length category. The movie is under the direction and screenplay of Afi Africa as he described his movie as the story of “survival of the fittest”.  The story was solid in telling how the world we live in isn’t fair. It depicts the reality that only the strong survive.

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The Lookout tells the story of a gay hired killer whose childhood life brought him into the life of crime. George/Lester promised himself to return to his mother and make him pay for what they did. During his childhood, he and his sibling Grace was sold by his mother to a syndicate just to meet the financial needs of his mother’s live-in partner.

The movie stars veteran actors Yayo Aguila, Efren Reyes, Jeffrey Santos, and Rex Cortez. Andres Vasquez portrays the role of Lester Quiambao.

I don’t find the “kilig moment/scenes” of Lester and Travis still necessary. I guess it could be better and relevant if they could add more gun-for-hire scenes for Lester and Travis. I lost my interest in the middle of the film because of too many scenes that are unnecessary.

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