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How To Take Care Of Your Acne-Prone Skin During Summertime

Acne-prone skin can be tricky to deal with during the summer months, but a little preparation can help you combat and prevent breakouts.

How To Be Famous On The Internet: Finding The Right Audience

You can't fake followers or fans. You just have to find the right audience and grow with them.

Top Pet-Friendly Staycation Spots For You And Your Furbabies

So you see this great resort, it’s well within your budget and it ticks almost all of the boxes you need for a staycation venue. But then you see their policy and there are no pets allowed! Disappointing, right? As a fellow pet owner, I know the feeling. Don’t fret;...

Swimming Aftercare? Take Extra Care Of Your Curly Hair

Your curly hair needs extra care, too. Don't be scared to go swimming after you leave the salon.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With The Lights On – Study Reveals

I don’t mean to scare you in the dark, but sleeping with the lights on will cause you to get a disease.