Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Education Knows No Age: 18 Parents Complete Kindergarten

Parents from Davao Occidental defy age limits as they graduate from Kindergarten, inspiring a community and proving education is timeless.

Fil-Am Baby Becomes The Newest Face Of Gerber

Cuteness overload as a 10-month-old Filipino-American baby was announced as the new face of Gerber Baby!

Honest Tricycle Driver In Laoag Returns Lost PHP170 Thousand Cash To Owner

Honest tricycle driver in Laoag returns pouch bag with PHP170,000, earning praise from residents for his integrity and kindness.

Zack Tabudlo Becomes The First OPM Artist For Coke Studio Global

Sharing his passion for singing and composing Filipino songs, Zack Tabudlo was chosen as the first Filipino to participate in the global platform of Coke Studio.

Filipino Resto Aristocrat Takes A Spot On The ‘Most Legendary Restaurants In The World’

Known for its delicious Filipino dishes, the well-known local restaurant Aristocrat has earned a spot as one of the most legendary restaurants in the world.