Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Rendel Z. Lotino – Caricature Artist

Rendel Z. Lotino – Caricature Artist

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I am randomly checking my pictures when I saw these again. The pictures were actually taken during the Blogger’s Party I attended last November. These sketch, illustrations, drawings or art was drawn on a tissue paper using Ballpen. Mr. Rendel Lotino, the artist behind the above artwork do the Live Demo for a quick caricature drawing of all the blogger present in the event.  Even the owner of Aozora Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay was amazed by his talent.

Owner of Aozora
Aux1 Traveler

Everyone was really in awed with this artist as he made a “Quick Caricature Drawing” in just a minute. and the finished artwork, really good.

and here is my Caricature, really worth the wait in a queue of blogger. He really amazed me with his Talent.

Photo by barquera

If you are planning to have something unique on your special occasions or you are planning an event, why not consider an on-the-spot caricature drawing with this amazing and talented artist. He even conducts art classes.   You may contact him on his official Facebook account: