Bags, the great Ukay-Ukay deals.

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I never thought that I would have an eye for bags that made me become a bag lover. It is not just a simple bag that I wanted to have in my possession but a designers’ bag by Louis Vuitton, Fred Perry, Kenneth Cole and the likes.

Before I used to have bags from Penshoppe, Bench and among local bags in the market. Not just the bags that I love but I also eye for shoes, perfume, and designers clothing brand. With this fascination, I may have considered myself “fashionista”.

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Before, I buy simple clothes in the latest trends in a department store or sometimes if have enough money I buy from boutiques, but my friends who love visiting an ukay-ukay introduced me to this thrift shops. To many its also known as “ UK “.  What I like most about visiting an ukay-ukay store is that you can find quality clothes at a very low price and sometimes you can find designers clothes.

At first, I am hesitant to visit, but when I saw some store with a tarpaulin hanging outside the store saying they have “New Arrival” and there is a lot of people inside the store then I’ll go inside.

I usually go to the bag section of the ukay store to look for excellent looking bags, here are some I bought in the ukay-ukay store.

  1. Virtual Galletto Newyork Backpack 

2. Band of Players

3. I bought this bag  with no label Bag but it looks  beautiful

4. JACOBS by Marc Jacobs Canvas


Aside from this bag I also bought 1 Kipling


I usually bought this bags in Ukay-Ukay Store at  PRC,  J.P Rizal Brgy Olympia, Makati.
I will always be fascinated by ukay-ukay bags. Just be patient in looking around the store. Maybe it’s about time to roam around the Metro to shop with this thrift store and not only in the abovementioned store.

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