Aja Aja Tayo! Filipino-Korean celebrity variety game show

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Last July 17, 2018, I was invited for a formal program introduction of TV5’s newest variety game show to be aired every Saturday, 11:30am to 12:30pm.  Aja Aja Tayo is the first Filipino-Korean game show in the Philippines produced and spearheaded by Jung Sung-Han head of ShowBT Philippines, a Korean company doing business here in our country.

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The trade launch of Aja Aja Tayo! Also featured SB19, an all Filipino boy band but trained in K pop styles and BNF Benefit, the first Korean talents to join in the pilot episodes of Aja Aja Tayo.  The show will be TV5’s first Filipino-Korean game show challenge that will showcase both cultures.

Aja Aja Tayo will have its pilot episode this July 21, 2018, hosted by Wilma Doesnt and Mr. Fu also as Team Captain together with Actor-Host Jojo Alejar and Steena, a Korean artist they will act as the moderator. The game show will showcase some of our local talents such as Kiray, Xander Ford etc. and the Korean artist BNF Benefit. Aja Aja Tayo!  A one-hour variety game show with two teams competing against each other every Saturday. Consists of 6 games divided into two episodes.   Will run for one season with 13 episodes.

The show is not only a game show but will serve as the venue to introduced Korean artist to K Pop artist fanatics here in the Philippines.

Please do watch the first multinational variety game show in the Philippines, Aja Aja Tayo! make it a habit to watch and enjoy the fun every Saturday,11:30am to 12:30pm  starting July 21 only at TV5.


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