About Me

Welcome to askHR_HeyRaul!

I created this blog in 2008 just to make an online journal of my thoughts, idea and my opinions that went through my mind. And back into blogging after almost 6-year hiatus.

I decided to change my blog name from The Empr3ss to AskHR_HeyRaul, more appropriate to me because I am knowledgeable in HR – Human Resources Matter.

My newsletter is not that frequent as other bloggers do, but I will feature on the review of the site for every blogging opportunities and invites that I have attended to in a timely manner. I wish I could reach or create my fan base with my postings on lifestyle and to empower every Filipino employees about issues and concerns affecting their employment, and connect with them online.

For someone who started blogging, I was featured in an entrepreneurial show in 2008 and be featured in their “Sideline”  segment and considered my blog achievement.

I will be thankful if someone who may across these sites include me in every blogger’s event to expand my network in the blogging community.

I am Raul Barque an HR practitioner by profession who loves to travel and a food enthusiast. My goal is to influenced people through my personal experiences and adventure and shares the information and recommendation by posting an article.