Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Multi-awarded Filipino boy group SB19 drops their latest single “GENTO,” giving fans a glimpse of what is to come for the group’s much-awaited “PAGTATAG!” era. 

“GENTO” places SB19’s bold talent and confidence into the spotlight, highlighting their strength and versatility as a group. The song offers a catchy wordplay, effortlessly weaving ganito (like this), ginto (gold), and gento, the Caviteño word for ganito. It delivers a powerful message of their growth as a group, after years of refinement—just like gold.

For this single, SB19 draws inspiration from transformational change—how incremental and everyday acts lead to success and change. Often, it is the little, simplest acts that lead to triumphs. 

SB19 continues to set an example of hard work and perseverance as the group continues its path towards dominating the local, and global, music scene. Five years since their debut, SB19 continues to test—and break—limits with their unconventional sound and unbounded talent. 

Get ready for SB19 to take you on a journey. The new single sets the path for the group’s upcoming new EP release “PAGTATAG!” and offers the promise of new sounds and unexplored genres that will surely pique the interest of audiences.

This officially marks the start of the “PAGTATAG!” for SB19. Fans can expect groundbreaking sounds in the days to come—and an exhilarating ride as the group embarks on their second world tour. The award-winning group is set to kick off their world tour at the Araneta Coliseum on June 24 and 25 and will have multiple stops in cities across the Philippines, United States, and Canada. Ticket selling will begin on May 21 at 12 noon through TicketNet outlets nationwide or through

Are you ready for this? We hope you are. You’re in for a ride. 

GENTO” is available now on all DSPs and streaming services via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the music video here.

Track Information

Performed by SB19

Composed by Radkidz

Produced by Radkidz and Simon Servida 


Streaming Link:

About SB19

SB19 is a multi-awarded five-member boy group from the Philippines. 

The group is composed of Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin and debuted in October 2018 with their single ‘Tilaluha.’ They gained popularity with their second single ‘Go Up’. Since their debut, SB19 has amassed fans (A’Tin) across the globe and was recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts as the Philippine Youth Ambassadors.

The “SB” in SB19 stands for “Sound Break,” which represents their aspirations of disrupting the music scene and bringing Filipino music and culture into the international spotlight. 

SB19 broke into the global spotlight as the first Southeast Asian and Filipino act to be nominated in the Billboard Music Awards as Top Social Artist in 2021. They are also the first Filipino act to land on the international Billboard Social 50 and Next Big Sound Charts.

SB19 is self-managed by 1Z Entertainment, a company built and managed by the members of SB19.

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