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4 Best Smartwatches For 2022’s Q1 Suited For Your Sweet Kicks


4 Best Smartwatches For 2022’s Q1 Suited For Your Sweet Kicks


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Accessories in these days of technological rapid advancement meant that devices can also pair with a person’s drip, and that’s one thing when it comes to fashion, having expensive watches to flex one’s worth. However, accessories can also be of great value when it comes to lifestyle, with smart watches nowadays being utilized for fitness and health.

Right off the bat, ranging from last year’s Q3 still is equivalent to 2022’s Q1, since novelty in technology – S’watch-wise – differs from the novelty with other devices, like phones, especially within the country’s current technology climate.

Here are the selections according to utility, style, durability, and novelty, with the former being mentioned quite frequently with the list.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Upon purchasing this watch, you will be greeted with a minimalistic style over the design of the watch, being sleek and lightweight, giving a slight appeal with its appearance.

Users should consider its OS support – wear OS and Tizen – to numerous applications. Users can enjoy their time with youtube, spotify, facer, some other prominent applications. Its great performance when it comes to handling, sporting about 1.5 GB of Ram, as well as its vibrant display of its interface’s tone.

Its sense of utility for fitness is remarkable with health sensors giving an extensive review of user’s statistics, notably blood pressure and ECG, as well as its durability factor with its material being aluminum, just enough to undermine its battery usage.

With the watch’s sleek design, Exynos processor to ensure good performance having a sporty aluminum build, as well as its user-friendly interface. This watch may be the next best watch that a utilitarian person would purchase.

2. TicWatch 3 Pro Ultra GPS

Its design is intended for long use while at the same time maintaining an appealing look, being composed of nylon to take a ton of damage before it loses total function.

Speaking of looks, upon purchase, users get to see a silicon strap notched in place, compared to Galaxy’s slightly awkward strap replacement, not to mention its dual display that helps with the battery life if the users wish to still have a watch.

Its operating system is compatible with users with iOS as their preferred operating system, it also has built in workouts and calls, and it runs on SnapDragon Wear 4100 Dual Processor for decent performance. Yes, it also has an accurate GPS system, hence the name.

Users can take this device as their second option, seeing the similarities with Galaxy and Apple, albeit a bit simpler compared to Galaxy, with a bit less dominance over performance. Despite its slight contrast, it beats Galaxy to a degree since not only it’s suited for fashion, but also with extended outdoor journeys, with this device seeing longer battery life.

3. Apple Watch Series 7

Style is worth mentioning when it comes to fashion and design. Not to mention exclusivity among iPhone users, and its charm among fitness enthusiasts.

Users are met with a square-shaped watch with a minimalist style of design, its silicon strap makes it comfortable to wear once the you have bought the device. Its front crack-resistant crystal prevents extensive damage to the watch, notably screen cracks and dust sticking in the screen.

Ease of access towards applications are also worth mentioning, with shortcuts to settings and to users’ e-wallets. The device also sports a decent amount of ram size, about a gigabyte, not to mention its large amount of storage space for users to store in data – a whopping 32 gb of storage – for either social use or recreational and lifestyle use.

Speaking of recreational and lifestyle use, it is also accurate when it comes to the device’s health monitoring system, albeit its short battery life hinders the device’s efficiency to users.

Overall, it pairs nicely with the user’s sporty, casual, or smart fashion style among today’s society, albeit, slightly less air time if users wish to use the watch in great lengths.

4. Fossil

With fossil, users will meet a compact, sturdy design, and distinct, classic clock design that is virtualized, giving out the additional stylish and snappy look.

Its operating system works for iOS and Android users. It sports not only sporty-fitty applications for health and lifestyle but also has a gigabyte in its name, with a SnapDragon Wear 4100 Plus to have things run smoothly for users.

What makes it prominent enough to fall under within the list is its classic customizable straps and its fast charging rate, which is appealing to practical users.

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